Construction Economics & Cost Planning

The economic planning and execution of any construction project is a vital part in any successful Development. We can offer our clients full cost planning / quantity surveying services across the project lift cycle.

Project and Construction Management

With over 25years combined international and local experience, Taylor Gassner can offer their clients peace of mind knowing that our teams are in control and focused on the management of their project to meet the Client’s corporate objectives.

Design Development / Value Engineering

In addition to the management of any project, we can also assist in the Design Stages of the Project. We have a strong track record in not only finding value through value engineering and value management, but also reviewing the design to ensure that the design makes logical sense and will function properly upon completion.

Client Representative

We can also provide Client Representative Services on any scale project, representing the clients on all aspects of the development to ensure that an all round “best value” project is delivered upon completion which satisfies the clients corporate goals and aspirations.

Construction Management

From our teams own on site management experience, we can also offer our clients construction management services for the onsite management and planning of the project through to completion and handover.

Design Competition

For projects under a design competition, we at Taylor Gassner can also assist the client in running and reporting on design competition parameters, including submission comparisons and recommendation.

Insurance Claims &
Make Good

In the event of damaged or latent defects in existing and new buildings, or projects under construction where there is a valid building or construction insurance claim, Taylor Gassner Baumanagement can assist all parties, including claimant, insurer, loss adjuster, contract etc. with its’ expertise and advice with respect to any claims being made.

Refurbishment & Modernisation

Taylor Gassner Baumanagement has depth of experience in creating concepts along with the design team for the refurbishment and modernization of existing buildings.